Bishop Elaine Sauer – The Struggle for Justice and Peace

January 14, 2009

Yesterday was interesting and inspiring and depressing. The morning was spent touring some more ELCJHL schools and also their environmental education centre. There is a lot of cutting edge educational work being done, i.e. water from the bathrooms is recycled through to the botanical gardens which grows plants for various types of research. The church works with the school in providing environmental awareness but also helping the state research migration of birds which land in the gardens.
In the afternoon we met with the Israeli Committee against house demolition. These activists work to inform people about the effects of illegal settlements in the West Bank, the security wall and house demolitions. It is all a little discouraging to hear about.
Last evening we had a final worship and banquet to say thank you to the Palestinian Lutherans and also to pledge to continue to accompany them in their struggle for justice and peace.
Today was spent touring areas in Galilee region, including Nazareth.
A presentation on our study tour will be given on Monday, January 26 at 7 p.m. at St. Mark’s Lutheran. Please ask congregations to announce this.
Elaine and Rick

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